03 July, 2012


Vinyl edition of Lionhearted released by Swedish label PST. on Black, Red/Black marble and Blue/Black marble coloured vinyl with lyric inner sleeve.

LIONHEARTED - CD (In Exile Records 2011)
Our fourth full length studio album. Thirteen tracks released on our own label.

Vinyl double album.

SINGLES AND RARITIES - CD (84 Records 2010)
Twenty four track album bringing together loose odds and odds, mostly which had only been released on vinyl previously. Step 1 Records (84 Records) thought of the name for the album, we didn't like the title seeing as it's not 'Complete' for a start. We just jammed as much as we could onto a 80 minute CD so stuff is missing.

PATRIOTIC ALCOHOLICS - VINYL 7" EP Repress (Step 1 Records 2010)
A re-issue of our 2001 record. Black, Red, Orange and Green vinyl. Artwork reversed and no lyric insert this time.

Vinyl 12" edition on Spanish label Crowbar Records. Artwork is a mirror image of the CD version and sepia tone. Released on Black and Brown vinyl with lyric insert.

Seven track mini-CD concept album.

10th ANNIVERSARY EP - VINYL 10" EP (Bordes de Seine/Camden Town 2006)
Six track 10" joint release by French label Bordes de Seine and Spanish zine/label Camden Town. Released on Black and Green vinyl with lyric inner sleeve.

The vinyl version of this album was even more of a disappointment than the CD. The same strange sound and Blind Beggar managed to spell the band name WRONG in big letters on the back cover. The biggest shock was finding that it was a double album using the second disc to showcase other bands on the label like some kind of sampler. Released on Black and Yellow vinyl with lyric insert. Only about 350 copies made.

WHEN DUTY CALLS - CD (Pure Impact 2005)
Our third album on Pure Impact. Twelve tracks. No idea what happened to the sound on this one but the released album sounds different to the Studio Master leaving us a bit disappointed.

ENGLAND EXPECTS -  VINYL 7" (Blind Beggar Records 2004)
Split single with our friends Loyalty. One track by each band.

THE SWEENEY - VINYL 7" (Camden Town 2003)
Our tribute to the 70's TV show. Two tracks. Released on four colours, Black, Red, White and Blue with lyric insert.

KICK DOWN THAT FUCKIN WALL - CD (Blind Beggar Records 2003)
The CD version was released a year after the vinyl. All copies have a second long gap of silence in our song 'We Don't Live Forever' due to a pressing plant fuck up.

KICK DOWN THAT FUCKIN WALL - VINYL LP (Blind Beggar Records 2002)
Split album with Scotland's Bakers Dozen. Four tracks from Retaliator, five from Bakers Dozen. Released on Black, Orange and White vinyl with lyric insert. Artwork by Ramon.

PATRIOTIC ALCOHOLICS - VINYL 7" EP (Guilty Recs/Camden Town 2001)

Four track EP. Joint release by French label Guilty Records and Spanish zine/label Camden Town. Lyric insert.

AGAINST THE GRAIN - VINYL LP (Blind Beggar Records)
Vinyl edition released by the German label a couple of years after the CD. New front cover artwork. Eleven tracks. Released on Black and Orange vinyl with lyric insert.

AGAINST THE GRAIN - CD (Pure Impact 2001)
Our second full length studio album. Eleven tracks recorded in August 2000 and released early 2001. We left the cover artwork design in the hands of the label and still have no idea what it's supposed to be, a TV exploding or something? All we know is it has no relevance to the songs.

ORDER OF CHAOS - CD (Pure Impact 1999)
Debut album on Belgian label Pure Impact. Fourteen tracks that made up our live set at the time. This album has never been released on vinyl. Cover artwork by Els.

FEEL THE POWER - VINYL 7" EP (Data Records 1998)
This time with the correct three tracks. First press was on Black vinyl, second press on Clear vinyl. Copies ordered direct from the bands PO Box had a lyric sheet insert.  
FEEL THE POWER - VINYL 7" EP Mispress (Data Records 1998)
The first pressings of this EP were mispressed with two incorrect tracks due to a mix up with Coventry punk label Data Records. Quite a few got out and it turns up on eBay from time to time.

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